About Us

Car workshop has been a part of our family business for over three generations now. This started with my grandfather who ran a successful local car workshop for many years in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. Know about cars was his passion and he loved to take care of his customers. It was no wonder that the shop seen great success, and until his death, we loved being a part of it up.

Although the shop has long since been sold, the car business lasts to be a big part of our lives. That said, my grandfather is the motivation behind running this site.

Who we are

AutoGeekier is a website committed to providing balanced informative product reviews to guide consumers for the best buying decision. We know users are often unhappy with the products they buy because either they have insufficient information or the data available on the web is simply biased. That’s the reason to come up with the solution to help the users get the right info.

Our team

We are a team of automotive enthusiasts. We care about our team’s personal experience and expertise and put together that with hours of research to provide you unbiased reviews on car gadgets, tires, and accessories.

Our Mission

To provide unbiased, accurate, and useful reviews that help the netizens make an up-to-date decision about what product is perfect for them.

How do we work

Our team strives to relieve the confusion and the time the users have got to spend doing all the research themselves. Moreover, we disregard the manufacturer hype and highlight the facts, whether it’s good or bad.

Based on our own personal experience, extensive research, as well as user reviews and feedbacks therewith, we collect the information about the product. We then combine this information together in order to provide a comprehensive review of the product and post it on our site to help the consumers get all the information in a single basket.

Mentionable here that autogeekeir.com is not compensated or rewarded by the manufacturer for our reviews. Our team’s main focus is to provide the consumers true and unbiased reviews of the product. In brief, if any product doesn’t perform as per the users’ requirement, we’ll let them know it. That drives us to one verdict that we want to mention up front. We review every product purely based on OUR own judgment of that particular product and that’s our “Overall Thoughts”.

Why do you believe us?

AutoGeekier” always praises the honesty, and passion in work. The reviews, information, and mastery tips we cite are from good research experiences from a group of individuals who thinks under similar interests. Our reviews are never biased by any means in any situation and every review and data posted to our blog are being researched among the specialists. Hence, the information that appears to us will definitely fall in the consumer’s favor.

What to know

If you’ve got any question related to info shared on my blog, simply contact us here, we’ll be very happy to answer your question as early as possible. Appreciate your patience in visiting & reading our blog once again!