5 Best Coilovers For E36 Reviews And Top Tips For Choosing

How you drive the car depends on your driving skills and different vehicle components, such as the suspensions, brakes, and shocks. So, if you are experiencing a bumpy ride, it might be less your fault and more the car’s fault.

Now, there are different types when it comes to suspension, but coilovers perform better on BMWs. However, you need the best coilover for E36 if you want the ultimate smooth ride.

There are several reasons why this product is superior to a regular shock. It is mostly because of the design of a BMW E36, but throughout this article, we will talk more in-depth about coilovers and their functions.

5 Best Coilovers for E36 Reviews

Searching for better products in the market is a hassle, and we understand that. Hence, we thought of compiling some amazing coilovers in this article.

01. E36 MaXpeedingrods Coilovers

The tires on the car do not depend on the rim alone; it needs additional support from the suspension system as well. In a BMW E36, that support can increase if you get the maXpeedingrods coilovers.

They are coilover sleeves, which are much more advanced than regular springs that come with the shocks. These products can systematically lower the tire, which is why you get better output.

Moreover, this design aids long-distance traveling better. So, if you like to take your BMW for a long ride from time to time, it would be wiser to get a coilover sleeve than normal shocks.

You can also play with the height of the product, although its natural height is 8 inches. However, you cannot adjust the damper dimensions. But that is not a big deal as it has flexible spring rates.

It has a 7kg tolerance in the front and a 7kg tolerance at the rear end. So, even on rocky roads, this product will protect the bottom part of the car, even if the damper is non-adjustable.

Besides, this product comes in a set with many other parts. First of all, you can replace the cap, and you also get additional ones. Furthermore, it has two front and rear shocks, C-planers, and bump shocks for extra control.


  • You can adjust the height
  • Sturdy springs
  • Optimum spring rate
  • Has replaceable caps
  • Comes in a set


  • Might start making bumping noises for ill-fitting

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02. Coilovers Shock Spring Suspension for BMW E36

Among coilovers for a BMW, the sleeve models with replaceable caps are quite popular. However, they often have less spring rate, which makes the suspension stiffer. Now, if you still want a coilover sleeve, but with more suspension, we have one for you.

The ZYauto model is a phenomenal product with the same spring rate both for the front and rear ends. So, it helps to keep balance among all four tires, and even if one side faces a bump, the overall suspension works together.

However, these products have a height of 7.87 inches, which is lower than the original coilover height that you will find in a BMW. Luckily, you can adjust the front ones up to 660 mm and extend the rear one by 554 mm.

This adjustment allows you to tailor the product according to the terrain. If you are riding on a normal road, the lower height will not be an issue. But you can easily extend the height of the terrain if it is bumpier.

Moreover, it also has adjustable camber plates, which is a smart move as the springs are lower than usual. It will help ensure a proper grip over the tires, even when the springs are relatively low.

These products are versatile as well, as they will fit multiple car models. You can use it on any BMW 3 series that belongs from 1992 to 1999 and fits multiple M3 series.


  • Has an adjustable height
  • Front and rear ends have the same suspension rate
  • Adjustable camber plates
  • Versatile products
  • Reduces strain on the suspension system


  • The installation might be complicated

03. Rev9 Hyper Street II Coilovers

Without a doubt, we can say that such products need to be extremely strong because they work in balancing the car and carry a substantial amount of weight coming from the vehicle. So, indeed, you need a budge-proof set.

Luckily, the Rev9 coilover should be perfect because it has a strong body. Each product on the set has a hefty weight and comes with an aluminum camber. So, even if it is lowering the suspension, the camber can tackle it.

Besides that, it has mono-tube shocks, which further helps in a smooth lowering. The 32 click system allows for better gas and oil passage. You can also fine-tune the rebound force settings with the help of the mono-tube.

It comes with a spring rate of 6 kg on the front and 8 kg on the rear end. Those scales are common for a coilover, so this model is also compatible with many BMW series, especially the E36 model.

The standard top-mounting system makes it easier to balance control and ensure that the wheels have the right amount of suspension. So, braking, speeding, and riding in general, becomes easy.

Moreover, the damping on this model has up to 32 levels. Hence, you can set the tension at your convenience, allowing you to ride in rougher terrain without experiencing an extreme shock.


  • Mono-tube provides better passage
  • 32 ways of setting the damping
  • Experience less shock
  • Boasts aluminum camber
  • Strong spring and body


  • Professional installment is needed

04. BC Racing BR Series Coilovers E36

BMW cars are a big expense, and it would be shameful to see it performing poorly because of a cheap coilover. You can easily get a cheap one unknowingly because there are so many models in the market.

So, if you want the absolute best for the E36, BC Racing is a great brand you can trust. Their 95-99 model meshes very well with a BMW 3 series because many of the dimensions are friendly for the car.

You will not have to make many adjustments while installing. However, if you want to adjust the height because of the road, you can certainly do that. The procedure for that is similar to any standard coilover.

Moreover, it also has an adjustable damper. You can change it with 30 levels to attain the most stable chassis balance. Thus, the car’s overall bumping will not be an issue, and the shock alone will not have to deal with it.

If you think camber plates will be beneficial for the car, it has separate camber plates as well. Having those should help when the height of the coilover is at a low.

Besides that, this set is also customizable. So, based on your needs, you can mix and match the type of coilover that you think will work better in the streets. These products also look regal with the black shiny spring and body and hints of gold on the top.


  • Adjustable set
  • Extendable height
  • Different levels of damping
  • Additional camber setting
  • Unique design


  • This coilover is expensive

05. Emotion Fully Adjustable Coilover Suspension

Coilovers often work well on their own and have all the necessary features, but they might not mesh well with the other car parts. That can be problematic.

All the parts in your vehicle have a purpose. They are interconnected; hence, when you steer, the coilover should also include a response to that. Unfortunately, not all coilovers will perform swiftly in this area, except the one from Emotion.

It has a special pillow ball on the upper mounting side of the product. It ensures that the device is much more responsive to sudden changes and immediately recognizes the change in motion when you shift the steering wheel.

Moreover, this pillow ball also ensures a quiet ride. Besides that, it has an extremely well-crafted spring that helps in maintaining an overall balance, which is very important while driving.

These springs are of high-quality silicone chrome that works in conjunction with carbon steel tubes. These tubes are about 52 mm in diameter, and the spring perfectly spirals around it. The combination of both these materials creates a long-lasting product.

You can also adjust the force thanks to the 24-level damping system. This linear damping force, along with the unique Needle Valve technology, enables the product to sense the smallest input from the road and adjust accordingly.


  • Boasts a silicone chrome spring
  • Long-lasting tubes
  • Pillow balls ensure more stability
  • Equipped with a unique Needle Valve Technology
  • 24 levels of the damping system


  • It is not compatible with air suspension vehicles

What to Look for Before Buying?

These products are small but have tons of small features that are very easy to miss. But with this guide, you will not miss any.

Spring Rate

This factor is what makes or breaks the product. The rate needs to be appropriate to the car as it will determine how quickly the product can absorb the shock and how much the car will bounce.

Different vehicles need a different speed rate, so we cannot say that one range of rates is the best for every vehicle. However, the higher the rate will be, the more force it will need to compress the spring. So, that means most of the initial shock from a bumpy ride will get lost trying to compress the spring.

That is a good thing. However, it might also make your suspension system stiff. So, you need to check how much the rate should be for your vehicle.


As you can tell, these small pieces are subject to high pressure and force. Thus, it needs to have the toughest material as its main component. Since they also deal with gas, oil, different liquid, the material of the coilover should also be able to deal with the excess amount of dirt and moisture.


It is always better if the length of the coilovers is adjustable. It allows more versatility, and you can adjust to different roads.

Moreover, also look for dampers with different levels as they help in keeping the tires stable. Other parts, such as a top-mount or a camber, can improve how the device performs, but they are not always necessary. For example, you will need a camber mostly when the coiler has a lower height.

Tube Types

Mono-tubes and twin-tubes function differently, and both have their benefits. In the mono-tube, the gas and the shock stay inside the tube, while other liquids float outside.

On the other hand, a twin-tube separates them. You get a smoother ride with more suspension strokes from the twin-tube and get more balance and heat dissipations from the mono-tube.

FAQs: About best coilovers for BMW e36

Do I need coilovers for my daily commute?

They make your ride smoother, so if you can afford one, you should certainly use them for a daily commute.

How frequently should I change these products?

It would be better if you replaced these items at an interval of 2 years.

Do these products make noise?

Only a faulty coilover will make noise. It can also be noisy if the installation is not right.

Are coilovers better than shocks?

Both these products have similar functions, but they are not comparable.

Should I get stiff springs?

It is better if the springs on the coilovers are soft, as it will be more responsive.

Final Words

You should never risk the quality of vehicle parts, which is why only the best coilover for E36 should be your goal. The best one will not only give you the smoothest ride but also ensure safety and reduce the risks of accidents.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. AutoGeekier.com also declaring that as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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