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Top 5 Best Winch for Jeep Reviews with Buying Guide in 2021

Off-road riding with a four-wheeler sounds great if you don’t get stuck into muddy and sandy terrain. Anyone who has been having the off-road fun for quite a lot of time should admit to the horrible hurdle of pulling out the jeep from such a ‘sticky’ situation.

But as they say, every problem has a solution. In this case, having the best winch for jeep with your vehicle can save the day every time you get stuck. Pulling out a four or five-thousand-pound wheeler is not the easiest of jobs.

That’s why you need to be careful in installing the winch that doesn’t let you down in dire moments. To ease it up for you, we have listed down 5 of the top pulling setups to save your back from awkward situations!

5 Best Winch for Jeep Reviews

You don’t want to mess with your jeep’s external build-up. So, you need to be extra-cautious when installing a winch on the bumper. The top-quality products should be your prime choice without a shadow of a doubt. We have compiled 5 of the top-quality winches that you can put your trust on.

1. FIERYRED Electric 12v 3500lb Winch Steel Cable Kit

We kick off our reviews with the 12V heavy-duty electric winch from FieryRed. This robust and tough winch is designed to pull your vehicle out from nearly anywhere, anytime. With a pulling capacity of over 3500 pounds, you can rely on this under any sticky circumstances.

Equipped with a 1.5 Horse-Power motor, the 12V puller is just unparalleled in what it does. Coupled with the 2-stage planetary gear setup and the magnet motor, it can instantly increase the strength of pulling the wire rope quite efficiently.

It comes with a gear reduction ratio of 153:1, which will increase the intensity of winching on a whole different level.

The machine can be easily controlled with a dual-remote control system. You can operate the device from as far as 25 meters. No matter how far you need to attach the D-ring from the jeep, you can still control the pulling from a far distance.

Coming to the wire rope that gets the actual job done, it’s a super-strong one. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the wire is capable of pulling a vehicle up to 10 times stronger than the regular wire rope you get to see.

The best part is, the whole setup is designed as waterproof and resistant against harsh conditions. So, even if it’s raining in torrents and you are stuck in the muddy zone somewhere in the jungle, the FieryRed 12V winch has got your back!


  • Comes with a great pulling capacity of over 3500 pounds
  • Equipped with a powerful 1.5 HP motor
  • Features strong, steel wire rope
  • The remote control can be accessed from as far as 25 meters
  • Self-protection against water and tough conditions


  • Mounting bolts are a bit small

2. MotoAlliance 3000lb with 50 feet Synthetic Rope Winch

Another tough competitor in the list is the 12V Viper from the house of MotoAlliance. If you liked the FieryRed 12V one, you are definitely going to love this one, too.

It runs on the 12V power, which gives it a pretty decent avenue to explore when it comes to pulling out a stuck ATV, UTV, or side by side. Coupled with the 3000-pound strength, it does work pretty well in getting a vehicle out of danger in no time.

The synthetic wire rope it uses plays a great supporting role to the powerful motor inside the device. You can unfold the rope up to 50 feet in length whenever necessary. So, even if your vehicle is jammed in a remote space, you can still pull it out from a distant position.

And yes, it comes with a powerful 1.1 HP permanent magnet motor to synchronize with the strong wire and heavy pulling capacity. The entire hardware build-up is made from stainless steel and can withstand any adverse environment.

That means, even if it is a moist area you are clogged in, or it’s the driest place you have ever been to, the device will function pretty much consistently.

Apart from the smooth pulling system it is integrated with, the gear reduction ratio of this device is 136:1. It allows the pulling process to be much smoother than the traditional machines.


  • Pulling power is 3000 lbs
  • It runs with a powerful 1.1 HP motor
  • Synthetic strong rope can extend up to 50 feet
  • Gear deduction ratio of 136:1 allows smoother pulling
  • Made from stainless steel equipment


  • Packaging comes with no hook inside

3. WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted Electric Winch

It’s not a heavy vehicle you are going to be stuck with all the time. Sometimes, there will be lighter carriers and loads that need to be pulled out from muddy terrains. In these cases, using a heavy-duty winch may sound like overkill.

That’s the reason the Warn family came up with the 92000 DC2000 series winch. The stand-out features of this one blink in two fields. First of all, it’s super light and small. You can easily fit it anywhere you want.

Be it a vehicle or a light load, the winch can be easily mounted on a tight space with ease. That’s why the device comes with a capacity to pull up to 2000 pounds. It’s meant for a lighter operation.

Secondly, the machine is not at all to be mistaken for a weak puller. Although the pulling capacity is 2000 pounds, the permanent magnet DC motor that is placed inside the heart of it is a 1.6 HP unit.

So, if you are looking down on it for its tiny shape and low pulling power, you may want to rethink your position!

The super-strong rope that comes with the system allows you to unfold it up to 35 feet. This makes it a perfect choice for lighter operation, and it comes really handy in situations where pulling from a distance is necessary.


  • Designed for pulling lighter vehicles
  • Powerful 1.6 HP motor runs the device
  • Rope can be extended up to 35 feet
  • Can be easily mounted on tighter spaces
  • Works great for hitch mounts and trailers


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty four-wheelers

4. SuperATV Electric 12V

On our quest to finding the best budget winch for jeep, we have the SuperATV 12V electric winch in the fourth position. This electric winch is simply one of the best when it comes to pulling out your stuck vehicle.

It comes with a pulling capacity of 3500 pounds that is pretty decent in this range. You can use it to drag up heavier jeeps and SUVs in no time with such an amount of power. Coupled with that, you have the 166:1 gear reduction ratio to make the pulling session even smoother.

The synthetic rope that comes with the package is quite sturdy and allows resistance to slip. It can be extended and unfolded up to 50 feet, which allows you to operate the machine from the same distance if necessary.

This synthetic rope uses an aluminum hawse fairlead. It can protect the roller fairlead from wearing out and will keep it as fresh as it comes packed. Plus, compared to steel rope, synthetic rope is lighter, more on the safer side, and rust-proof.

The device works remotely with a water-resistance remote controller. What we found amazing about the remote controller is that it can be operated from a radius of about 50 feet. This allows you to control the entire mechanism from such a distance to save yourself from any harm or accident.


  • Comes with a 3500-lbs pulling capacity
  • Equipped with synthetic rust-proof rope
  • Wire rope can be extended up to 50 feet
  • Controllable via a remote controller from 50 feet radius
  • Suits most bumper styles


  • Doesn’t come with a detailed instruction manual

5. Superwinch (1140220) Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV

Last but not least, we have a show-stopper here. The Superwinch 1140220 is one of the most powerful winches we have reviewed so far.

The machine has a capacity of around 4000 pounds to pull your vehicles from worst situations. This means you can get any jeep or SUV from muddy terrain, no matter how heavy those are.

Supported by the 12V power motor, the device uses the 166:1 gear reduction ratio to make the pulling session a smooth one. It needs the least human intervention and physical effort.

The wire rope it comes with is a steel wire one, and it can be stretched up to 50 feet in length. In case you can’t find a strong, healthy tree right beside the stuck area of your vehicle, you can go as long as 50 feet from it to knot the hook.

Having an automatic load-holding brake is a blessing for such devices. It prevents the machine from the accidental loosening of the rope in the middle of the process.


  • Pulling capacity up to 4000 pounds
  • Steel rope can be expanded up to 50 feet
  • 12V 1.4 HP powerful motor
  • Comes with an automatic load-holding brake system
  • Smooth pulling because of 166:1 gear reduction ratio


  • Some vehicles need to modify the mounting plate for the device to fit

What to Look for Before You Buy a Winch

Below are some key determiners that should tell you how to pick your winch for jeep;

  • Pulling Capacity

The first thing you need to consider while getting a winch is the pulling power of it. It simply measures the poundage that indicates the heaviest vehicle it can pull. If you are serious about such a device, you should not go for any device with less than 3000 pounds of pulling power.

  • Motor Power

Supportive of pulling capacity, the motor power is also quite crucial. The more powerful the motor, the easier it gets to drag the vehicle. A motor with a horsepower anywhere between 1.5 to 1.6 HP is a perfect fit for any heavy jeep or SUV.

  • Rope Length

The length of the rope decides from how much distance you can operate the entire dragging process. The longer the rope, the further you can be from the vehicle to facilitate a pulling. But it’s not always a necessity to have a longer rope.

However, if the vehicle is stuck somewhere where you can’t find a suitable tree to lock the hook to, it’s always a blessing to have a long rope in the pack.

  • Rope Type

Ropes come in two forms – steel wire and synthetic wire. While both have pros and cons, you need to choose one according to your necessity. The synthetic one can be lightweight, flexible, and very easy to handle.

On the other hand, the steel wire can be resistant to rust, UV-ray, and abrasion. So, the final call is on your court for which one to go for.

  • Mounting Technique

Some winches need to be mounted on the vehicle on a permanent basis. This is common for heavy-duty winches that can pull quite heavy jeeps. For some other low-end devices, the installation is more of a detachable one.

So, you must decide for yourself what type of mounting technique you want to go for, depending on the vehicle you ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure the ideal pulling capacity?

To find out the ideal pulling capacity of your truck, simply multiply the gross weight of your jeep by a factor of 1.5. This will bring you the minimum Rated Line Pull you need.

Is it easy to install a winch?

Yes, you can install a winch all by yourself without any help needed from a technical person.

Which one is easier – winching or towing?

While towing includes using heavy-duty machines to pull out your vehicle, winching is a simpler and easier alternative to do the same. It takes lesser effort and results in smoother pull-out.

Which one to go for – synthetic or steel wire rope?

Synthetic ropes have been around the corner in recent times, with more flexibility and lightness to offer. Although it may not be as resistant to rust and UV-rays as a steel wire rope, it’s still the better choice out there.

Is a hydraulic winch better than an electric one?

If you are planning on pulling out your regular four-wheelers, then an electric one should be a good choice for you. As hydraulic ones are more made for commercial use, it’s not a great option for regular users.

Final Words

It’s always a nightmare to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with your monstrous vehicle. If we were in the 1800s, it would have been a terrible issue, but thanks to modern technology, we have our way out. Using the best winch for jeep can save the day in no time and with almost no effort needed.

We believe our reviews on the topmost functional winches have helped you finding out your pick. If you are still in a fix, keep our buying guide handy so that you don’t end up buying something worthless.

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