The Best Racing Seat for Big Guy | Top 5 Picks

Choosing the best and the most comfortable seat is the first concern for any driver. But most of them are not well prepared to take on a big guy. I know what a hassle it could be while looking for a good racing seat for a big guy.

Fret not! I have a solution for you. While the best racing seat for big guy is no joke — one of the most difficult things to find, I did some research and found some spectacular choices for you to go through.

So, without any further delay, hop on to this ride with me and get to know more about the veterans of the category.

Top 5 Best Racing Seat for Big Guy

Here are my top 5 picks on best-racing seats that are available in the market. So, go on ahead and give it a read to find your best match.

1. Sparco Chrono Road Black Seat

All of my big guys out there are you struggling to find the best racing seat for you? Never fear because Sparco Chrono is here to your rescue. This is like a dream come true for racing seat lovers. Let me tell you why.

The first and foremost concern that you might have is how big the seat is? It is going to fit okay? Well, the dimension for this one is 36 x 24 x 24 inches. Not only you will be able to fit, but also you’re going to be more than comfortable in this one.

If you would like to, you can also mount the seat from the bottom. That will give you a more sturdy approach as the weight will be down heavy.

Usually, when you’re going a bit faster there is a fear of safety. Although I don’t recommend doing that once in a while, you can afford to have some fun as this seat provides 3 to 4 points harnesses! Safe and fun! Quite the rare combination I must say.

The frames of the seat are tubular steel frames. So, you don’t have to ever worry about the seat frame being damaged. Also, if you’re feeling a bit lazy, reclining the seat for a quick nap is an available option with Sparco.


  • Bottom mounting options are available
  • 3 to 4 points harnesses are installable
  • Huge seats with 36 x 24 x 24 inches dimension
  • Frames are made out of tubular steel set
  • Seats are very comfortable and recline


  • Fabric quality isn’t up to the mark

2. Sparco S008013RNR Seat Evo Ii Us Qrt

If you are a car lover I’m sure you are already familiar with the Sparco Evo seats. If not, then you are missing out so much, buddy. Sparco Evo seats are known to be the true racing seats for a big guy. Its spectacular features will impress anyone!

First of all, they have reduced seat weight significantly for the easy of moving it. It weighs about 6.8kgs now, which is way less than the previous model. The materials used on the seat are non-slip in places that are most prone to slip. That way, the body movement is limited, and its way more comfortable and safe.

The formulations and improvements did not just come out of thin air. All the strategic approaches have been made with pro racers and special teams together, evaluating what’s best just for you.

Moreover, the world-famous QRT (Quick Resin Technology) manufacturing process has been used in these seats. The world’s airy and well-built fiberglass shells are achieved using this technological masterpiece.

These seats from Sparco come HANS-device ready, meaning everywhere you go, you are ready to take on any automotive racing. They are so comfortable and lightweight that you’ll be feeling as if you’re sitting on clouds. Get the Sparco and I promise you won’t regret this decision.


  • Famous QRT technology is used
  • Airy and strong fiberglass shells
  • Non-slip fabrics used in places prone to do so
  • Comfortable and big enough for a big guy
  • Made in cooperation with a bunch of racers and experts


  • A bit on the expensive side

3. Sparco S008015RNR Seat Evo XL Qrt

Yet another one from Sparco! Yup, they are that amazing. Here is another model, Sparco S008015RNR Seat Evo. This is an improved version from the previous Evo seat. Also, this is made with special consideration for big guys.

This Sparco seat also shares the amazing QRT manufacturing technology family. QRT is a blessing of tech for racing seat lovers. This tech enables the seats to enjoy the light and strong fiberglass, which gives you added comfort and ease.

As a cherry on top of a cake, these seats are FIA approved — no room for suspicions about safety here!

If you are a tall fella, I’m sure you’re having no dating issues, but if you aren’t, my condolences. Not only condolences I’m ready to introduce you to these amazing seats that have huge slots for rear harness, that way you will fit perfectly regardless of your height.

Sparco is a name of trust in the racing car seat manufacturing market. And these seats will provide you with the best Sparco seat experience. They are made with non-slip materials in the right places so you will have a better grip on your body while driving.


  • Cutting edge QRT manufacturing tech used
  • Airy and strong seat material
  • Side mounting options available
  • Suitable for tall guys as it has huge slots for rear harness
  • Excellent for racing and rally events


  • Not a lot of variety in color available

4. Corbeau S29501P FX1 Seats

Incoming a strong contestant of this best seat race, the Corbeau S29501P FX1. Spectacular to look at and comfortable as a breeze in the summer times. Corbeau S29501P FX1 is a true masterpiece.

Gone are the days when you had to choose between bottom or side mounting seats. Corbeau can do both. You can choose to either mount for bottom or side. A bottom mount only seats would have taken away your freedom to push the seats forwards and back.

But with the side mount, you can do that. This is a more practical option for a big guy.

There are three insert cushions to cush your tush. They are also removable if you need them to be gone. Corbeau offers you a composite fiberglass technology-enabled seats for added convenience.

The seats are made with keeping your comfort and safety in mind. In fact, those aspects have been prioritized the most in the making of this masterpiece. So, if you’re up for an ultimate Corbeau experience, then this is it. Also, the prices are sweet. Who said you have to break the bank to enjoy comfort?

Don’t worry, even if you have a 42-inch waist. These seats will fit you like a dream. The seats are also suspension styled. Go on and drive on a shitty road, you’ll barely feel the bumps, thanks to the suspension seats.


  • Three removable seat cushions
  • Composite fiberglass technology enabled
  • Waists up 42 inches would be more than comfortable
  • Suspension styled seats for zero jerking
  • Both rear and bottom mounting options available


  • Not all leather

5. Corbeau A4 Black Cloth

Here comes the last fighter of the list, Corbeau A4. By the time, I don’t think you have a reason to doubt the brand. Now let’s explore more about this specific model. Shall we?

First things first, these are sold in pairs. So, both you and your partner can enjoy the ultimate comfort with these seats. No wonder it has been a fan favorite for years. It has great prices, and comfort is its forte.

Whether you have a large vehicle like a Mustang, Jeep, or Broncos or a small one like Miata and Corvette you can use these seats like it’s made for each other.

The Corbeau A4 has a state-of-the-art injection molded foam for your relaxation, even on off roads. The jerking would be barely felt. There are high wear patches cleverly placed on the parts of the seats that are more likely to get abused.

Waists up to 40 inches can fit in the seat perfectly. If you are a big guy, then this can be your ultimate bae. Durable and lightweight, what better combination could there possibly be? If were you, I would definitely vouch on this one a get the sweet deal.


  • Pocket friendly aka good priced
  • Comfortable and wear friendly
  • State-of-the-art injection molded foam
  • Suitable for both large and small vehicles
  • Strategically placed wear patches to last the seat for longer


  • Could go a bit larger for the bigger guys

What to Look for Before Buying?

So, what should you actually consider in a seat before you go off and buy one? There are a lot of aspects that you have to consider in this case. But most of all you are the one spending your hard-earned money on this. So, get the one that you find yourself resonating with is the best piece of advice I can give you.

But besides all that, I can tell you a bit more. Some facts that you really don’t want to be overlooked while buying a racing seat. And especially if you are looking for a seat that’s best suited for a big guy, these facts are extra crucial.

Here are some things that you should definitely look for.

  • Is It Comfortable?

Most of the time we face a common issue while shopping for a car seat is comfort. So you should definitely be on the lookout for this criterion. Most of the Sparco seats are made with amazing QRT manufacturing tech.

This allows the comfort of fiberglass in your tush. And the Corbeau seats mentioned in the list also have lightweight seats with extra cushions.

While driving off roads or for some extra hours, an average seat will make you exhausted. However, a comfortable seat will make your driving or seating experience in the car much more bearable for a long time.

  • Seat Mounting System

When it comes to the mounting system, it mostly depends on your preference. But for big guys, a double mounting system on both bottom and side is the best possible option. Why so?

Well, when you have the bottom mounting system, then the seat is sturdier in its place. But there are times when you might want to move the seat forward and back depending on how tall you are. Then the side mounting seats will be a lifesaver.

  • Seat harness

Better safe than sorry, right? I believe this idiom by heart. So, the more seat harness points are there, the better. In an unfortunate and unforeseen situation of an accident, a sturdy seat harness will protect you and your loved one the best.

So, get the seat that has more seat harness points and gives you excellent protection regardless of your size.

  • Price

I know that you want the bang for your buck. Trust me, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an amazing racing seat for you. Those gimmicky advertisements may lead you to believe you want to spend more, but really you don’t.

The mid-ranged seats that I have listed above are the best seats available on the market. You don’t have to choose from this even, but make sure you are paying according to the benefits.


Have some more questions? Take a look at these.

What is QRT?

QRT (Quick Resin Technology) is a state-of-the-art production process developed by Sparco to produce the feather alike and powerful fiberglass shell seats available as of today.

Can I use my own seat belts?

Possibly yes. Most of these racing seats do avail you of the option of customization in these areas. But they do also come with more harness points that, in my opinion, are far safer than your average seat belts.

Are they easy to use?

Yep, they are very user friendly. Most of these racing seats can be installed on your own. They can be customized per your needs and are easily DIY-able. If you still face difficulties, you can always ask for help.

Do they come with armrest?

Sadly I don’t think they do. They do promise you to give you the utmost comfort, but armrests would only make it wider. The seats are already big enough.

What’s the average pricing for these?

That really depends on what brand or specialties you pick on. If you want more pay more. But mid-range is always a good idea.

Final Words

The best racing seat for big guy is like a rare Pokemon. But make sure to tell ‘I choose you’ when you find one. I hope this list has been of help to you on your quest of finding the best seat.

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